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Skills Balance
« on: August 06, 2019, 01:16:45 AM »
*Totems with all weapons.
*Rabbit and ogre works like C4 (Ogre: gives max HP and heal; Rabbit: gives more speed and evasion, -95% Magic/Physic damage).
*Totems can't be used with frenzy/guts
*Frenzy gives p.atack with bow: lvl1: 1.55 lvl2: 1.85 lvl3: 2.10
*Cancellation take up to 9 buffs.
*Angelic and Zealont doesn't stack.
*Cancellation, banes, fears, silences and Paralyzes effects have increased delay and decreased duration.
*Weapon mastery(only 2, lvl 3 and lvl 42).
*Heavy/light armor mastery with casting/speed/atack speed doesn't stack.
*Vampiric claw and Steal Essence heals up to 25% of damage done.
*Gladiator class now have battle roar lvl 6.
*Main nuker skills have increased hitTime just a little bit.
*Malaria buff gives casting and atack speed.
*Greater battle heal, heal amount decreased, hitTime increased.
*All archer classes have +2 STR, base DEX for Silver Ranger 37, Phantom Ranger base DEX 35, HawkEye Base DEX 36.
*Al Stuns have 4s duration.
*All effects "PhysicalMute" have 7s duration.
*Slows have 15s max duration.
*Rapid shot atack speed +45% at max lvl.
*Decreased p.def/m.def on Guts/SoulGuard/AngelicIcon. Guts at max lvl: x1.95 Soul guard at max lvl: +520.1 Angelic Icon: p.def/m.def x1.3
*Parry stance p.def and m.def decreased to x1.20.
*Touch of dead/life have increased delay. Touch of death chance debuff/cancel 50% max cancel buffs 5.
*Cancellation 45% land rate.
*Mass Warrior/mage bane 30%
*Warrior/mage bane 35%
*Arcane disruption 45% land rate.
*Majesty +12% p.def at max lvl. (x0.6 - x1.10 - x1.12).
*Sand bomb 45% land rate.
*Dreaming spirit/sleep 60% land rate.
*Dryad root 50% chance, 15s duration.
*Wind Shackle 50%chance.
*Curse chaos 45% land rate.
*Seal of scourge/Curse disease 45% land rate, 15s duration.
*Curse of doom/curse of abyss 60% land rate, 15 duration.
*Heroic dread 60% land rate. 6s duration.
*Trance 45% land rate.
*Infinity Spear has a 40% chance to cancel buffs, max. canceled buffs: 3


NOTE: i will be updating this post so you can see how the balance works.
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